Simply put, commitment is needed to achieve a goal. But the goal is not the end, only a waypoint. Each goal gets us closer to where we need to go, but in order to get there, really get there, you need to undersstand that you will never get there. Once you arrived, you only find that there is more.

Someone told me some time ago: "Change is not to be found at the summit, but it's instead the result of climb." It's the process you need to focus on. But process comes after your purpose is known, your why. You have to commit. Long term.

So, here's a list you need to understand. Play this in your head, talk to yourself.

  1. Don’t tell me, do it: Don't just talk. Commit and go do it. Actions speak louder than anything else. Doing it, committing to it, is the way.
  2. Make a plan: Even when plans don't survive reality, they are still needed. They help you see what can go wrong, what possibilities are in front of you, and help you get a general direction. Plan, go into the details, they matter, but always keep an eye on the horizon. See the bigger picture.
  3. Make it a lifestyle, not a goal: There is no finish line. Commit to doing it. Keep on going and make it part of who you are. It's the new you.
  4. Have a purpose and know your why: Motivation comes from within, external motivation or depending on an external factor to push you will only last so long. Have a clear understanding of what you want, the why of it. If you know your why you will work harder towards it.
  5. Don’t stop: Keep your excuses to yourself. No one cares.

Commit. Just keep on going.

“If you think you haven’t yet done enough, and you could do more, you might begin to understand that, the more capable you become, the higher the mountain rises ahead of you.”

— Mark Twight

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