“Time hardens habits and patterns. Choices lead to paths, and paths to destinations. One cannot know with certainty where the first steps on any path will lead but the truth is that each of us is a product of our decisions. Laziness and entitlement produce a particular outcome. Hard work and dedication produce a particular outcome. Which have you chosen?”

— Mark Twight

In this fast world we live in, it’s easy to miss the things that have the potential to make an impression in our minds, an impression that could create new pathways and could radically change how we view and react to things. We are so “busy” with the noise of our lives that, more often than not, we let the chance to get smashed into pieces and humbled, go by.

However when you pay attention, when you listen, when you observe with intent, moments like these “click” and when they do, things are never the same again.

The smallest sounds can hide a tremendous amount of information, leading us down differents ways. This is what I experienced a few years back when I began to listen to Mark and Michael and their approach in Nonprophet.

It doesn’t matter whether you are into fitness and the pursuit of a better approach to things or not, Mark and Michael have a lot we can all learn from. Their journal and podcast often mix philosophy with straight hard work, bringing subjects that most people would either consider too hard to read, or not “mainstream”. Each journal entry or episode forces you to stop and digest their stuff. It’s one of my first stops each day, as I earn my day. I open their site and read.

Check them out. Highly recommended.

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