Learn And Move Forward

“What does it mean to be ready? It’s a state of being that comes from years of preparation, dedication to your craft, and training. You can’t cut corners on that road to being ready.

True professionals assess, they learn and implement every time they go out on an exercise. It is incremental improvements that make them the best in class in their own disciplines.

To do this effectively, you must put your egos aside. When your skills are put to the test, would you be prepared? Instinct and abilities only develop when you work hard and relentlessly train for every eventuality, until that becomes second nature. Then and only then, you are ready. You don’t rise to the occasion, you fall back on your training.”

Ego and pride can lead to mistakes. When you make a mistake, you learn, you analyze and move forward. Never making that mistake again, making ego incrementally smaller and smaller. Incremental improvements, stacking advantages, learning experiences. Try, revisit, improve and try again.


Don’t dwell. Learn and move forward. Be ready.

Note: quoted text by Arc'teryx LEAF

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