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A list of all recommended books


The Essence of Winning and Losing (PDF) - John R. Boyd (OODA Loop)


Strategy for Cyber-Physical Resilience (PDF) - Whitehouse
InfoSec Hard Problems
Why Bloat Is Still Software’s Biggest Vulnerability
The 80 / 20 Principle
Building a Password Cracker
The 4th in the 5th: Temporal Aspects of Cyber Operations
10 Red Teaming Lessons Learned Over 20 Years
Levels of Adversarial Awareness
Ignore the Penetration Testers
Advanced Resilience Kit
Red Team Mindset Presentation (from 2011)
The AI Attack Surface Map v1.0
On Pre Op Hackers
Controlled Chaos: The Inevitable Marriage of DevOps & Security (PDF)
Dangerous Embedded Assumptions
Protecting Information in the Field
Lessons from Physical Intrusion Testing: Exploiting Poor Security Design
Social Engineering for Intrusion Testing, Studio D
Security Architecture Anti-Patterns
A Threat-Driven Approach to Cyber Security (PDF)
Continuous Threat Modeling
10 Fundamental (but really hard) Security Metrics
A Tool For Center Of Gravity Analysis (PDF)

General Knowledge

Light is Right


How to disappear, Grant Rayner


The evolution of understanding, Jan Chipchase
"When Is "Experience" Realised?" An Interview Ollie Ollerton
Four Lessons from Misogi
Leadership Transitions - 10 Steps for Success
Visualizing research using Framework Darwinism
My $500M Mars Rover Mistake: A Failure Story
Large Language Models and Intelligence Analysis
Shift: Better Gets Bigger
The Real Thing
Emulating Russia, China Is Improving Its Ability to Operate in the Gray Zone
Antifragile Planning: Optimizing for Optionality (Without Chasing Shiny Objects)
Pack Light, Go Fast, Remain Safe
Twitching With Twight
The Recipe, Mark Twight
A Collision of Opinions
Up the Road
Tourniquets. The right mindset for gear vs knowledge
Tips & Suggestions For Covert Operators
The Basics: The fundamentals of successfully and safely operating in complex and higher-risk environments
Glorious Professionals Podcast: Pete Blaber
Applying Covert Field-craft in Your Daily Life
How To Detect if You’re Under Surveillance
Keeping a Low Profile
10 Hotel Safety Tips from a Former Intelligence Officer
Nonprophet Podcast Episode 199: Christian Craighead

Interesting Misc. Things

The Ghost Army


Rucking: benefits, gear, FAQs, and the journey from Special Forces to founding GORUCK | Jason McCarthy
The Way
Words Must Become Flesh
Space To Think
Where are the good email apps?
Design for speed
POISON Playlist
Amateurs obsess over tools, pros over mastery
Minimalism and the Art of Photography
Mechanical Watch
How a Bedouin Tracker Sees the Desert
OSS Frogmen

Blogs & Podcasts

Protection Circle
Urban Commuter
CP Journal
The Jedburgh Podcast
Nonprophet Podcast
Glorious Professionals Podcast
Darknet Diaries
Studio D

Byte Size

Business of Security
Dangerous Travels
Info Op


Station XV


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Forward Point Risk Processt
Security Master Plan
MKII Watches
LOTAR Combat Blades
Threat Modeling Manifesto

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Friends of the IDF
Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions
Green Beret Foundation

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