Minimal Emergency Kit

One of the questions I get often, especially after reading the Urban Commute Kit that I posted recently, is what would I carry in an emergency and I needed to get out quickly. No... NOT a bug out bag. This is a kit that is designed for emergencies. Something you grab that is lightweight, allows you to remain fast and nimble, and has the tools needed to acquire things you might need down the road. I rely heavily on training, mindset, and the ability to adapt as I go, so my kit is minimal and simple. It includes:

The kit is designed both for offensive and defensive purposes. The keyword in this kit is “purpose”. Each item is purpose-driven and serves a specific role in the kit. Nothing is arbitrary. It contains items that can help save your life and procure things. Again, the idea is to remain light, and be able to either carry this on your person, or on a small pack that is light and out of the way.

Speed is safety.

Main Kit

Main Kit

The main part of the kit can be used during both offensive and defensive situations. The firearm, light and knife are tools that, when properly used and if trained with, can enable the procurement of things, and at the same time keep you safe.

The pen, while useful for its intended purpose of writing, can be used also to break glass, and to - as a last resort - stab/punch someone.

The two pouches, flat and rolled, contain the entry kit, used to get into places or open things to get to other things, and digital tools that enable me to send safe messages out using any computer, have extra prepaid SIM cards for the burner phone (see below), and copies of my important IDs, like passports, conceal carry license, driving license, etc, respectively.

The Entry Kit

Entry Kit

The entry kit is simple and light weight:

Simple does it. I’m considering adding to this some combs for a full range of opening power.

EDIT: Nov 2020

Entry Kit

Entry Kit

The setup is:

Comms / Phone


The phone is an older iPhone I bought for cash on a store selling “used” phones, and it has a prepaid SIM that is not traceable, also paid with cash. Among other apps, I have applications that allow you to use the GPS function even when you don’t have service. Inside the protective case I have stashed $300 for emergencies.

The Trauma Kit


Finally, the mini trauma kit. This one has what I need to stop the bleeding. Period. Everything else I may be able to procure using the tools above. But, a good tourniquet and gauze goes a long way. This kit is geared towards being light and fast. If you practice with this, you’ll be able to go the distance.

To Close

So, simple does it. Like I said, speed is safety, and to remain fast you need to remain light.

Will this kit provide for every contingency? No. Will it allow me to move freely, acquire stuff, and get to safety? Absolutely yes.

I mentioned this in other articles, but train, and train again, do not neglect training. And practice in real-life conditions, life is NOT sterile. In the end it’s about developing the right mind.

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