Light is Fast / by Modern Adversary

Light is fast, again.

A GORUCK GR1 with 2 pieces of underwear, 2 pairs of socks, 1 tshirt, 1 polo shirt, my laptop and some toiletries. On me: Patagonia Capilene long sleeve shirt, jeans, shoes and a jacket.

Arrived at the airport, went thru security and to my gate. Time: 17 minutes (mostly because of the security line).

Had a good breakfast while waiting for the plane, read a book.

Arrived at my destination. Found my way out of the airport. No waiting for bags and my pack is light. Out to the hotel via the subway. Total time from deplane to train: 12.5 minutes.

Inside the subway, I can move fast and unencumbered. My pack is light and leaves my hands free. I exit on my station, jump to the next subway. And then I arrive.

Light is fast.