Steadily Minimizing, Simplifying, Getting Lighter / by Modern Adversary

Those of you that know me from back in the day, know that I used to have a blog about minimalism. It was a way for me to jot-down my thoughts about that. Once I reached the point I wanted to make, I shut that blog down.

Another blog I had was “Pack Light, Go Fast”, where I posted about the art of traveling light and simplifying what you pack.

I still travel light, I still pack the most minimal amount I can. I haven’t checked luggage in more than 15 years.

Lately I have been performing an experiment and it has been refreshing. Since I can go long with very little clothing, as I travel for weeks or a month for work, I decided to begin simplifying my closet and getting to a point where I have only what I need and no more. It wasn’t a matter of saying “I am a minimalist and I can live with 5 things only”. No. It was a matter of being lighter. Of being nimble.

Let me explain. A few years back, when I moved countries, I sold most of my stuff. I managed to fit all my belongings on a mid-size duffle bag and a 25L backpack. That was it.

I remember when I rented the first apartment in the United States. I had very little, and it felt good. Fast forward several years and my stuff, although minimal by many American standards, has grown beyond my control.

I longed for that feeling of being light. Of a clutter-free existence. And then, it hit me. I was already doing this while traveling. So, I decided to start selling clothing that I wasn’t wearing, and stuff that was just not being used.
I’m in the middle of that process right now. The focus is right now on wardrobe and getting to a minimal set. Almost there, I can already feel better. Visually and also mentally. It takes less effort to decide what to wear.

I want to get to a point where I can fit my whole wardrobe in a duffle bag if I have to. I’m currently separating the different wardrobes in 4 sections: work clothing, sport clothing, casual clothing and field clothing (field being climbing, range clothing, etc). It’s getting there and I like it. Next, I will tackle the stuff. I have accrued a lot of gear over the years. Climbing, work related, stuff “to make life easier”… Some of those things are just stored because I never use them. So, we will see.

It has been so far a good exercise.

Maybe I can do the same with furniture at some point. I loved that “zen” feeling of the apartment being empty, of having just the bare minimum I needed. It felt good.

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