Stop, Look and Listen / by Modern Adversary

Your team was inserted. Now you are quiet, not moving. The noise of the helo is dying out. You remain still, listening for any signs that bad guys might have heard the insertion and are now making their way to you. You remain still for several long minutes. Your senses fully alert. Then, your team moves to the target.

Sometimes problems appear out of nowhere and they have to be dealt with. You fly to the X (that is, you go straight to the target or problem) and try to deal with it. Sometimes, however, this is too noisy. You need to stop, look and listen. See what caused the problem. What are the mitigating factors. Maybe trying to solve the problem is not the solution. Maybe the whole plan was faulty and it’s time for plan B.

Take a step back, stop. Talk to your team and see if you can spot the reason for the problem. Listen for the bad guys approaching.

Then, make a decision.

(Firt appeared on Small Team Tactics)