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Dreams are not Goals. Goals are not Dreams | Steve House by Modern Adversary

From time to time it is important to set course towards new goals for the next few months, the next year, and beyond. But let’s be adult about this; we all know that goals are achieved through smart work on a consistent basis. Dreams are pillow-fantasies.

Here is my five-step plan to achieving goals:

  1. Imagine

  2. Calibrate

  3. Plan

  4. Work every day

  5. Succeed

by Modern Adversary

If you plan relentlessly, and hold up outcomes alone as proof of your own success, failure, (or worse) personal value, then you are doomed to suck.
— Steve House

The Key to Consistency: Process and Dopamine | Steve House by Modern Adversary

Your path then is simple: Focus and prioritize on the daily process of training, the practice. Work hard at arriving at your starting line, or base camp, as well prepared as you can be. See those trips, runs, skis, climbs as part of a process, and you will come to value each of them individually, and the whole more greatly. The secret? If you do all of this, the outcomes will come. Indeed: Action is the message. Success is found in the process.

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by Modern Adversary

When we acquire new skills, when we develop ourselves as human beings, we uncover new potential.
— Steve House, Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete

by Modern Adversary

You can’t coach desire, and no matter how fancy your training plan or how high your stated goals are, it comes down to getting out the door and doing the work day after day.
— Steve House, Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete