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The “Two-Watch” Man

There are several articles out there about people being a “one-watch man” or dreaming about it, one of the most famous is this Hodinkee article: fantasies of being a one watch guy.

I tried this for several months, and I gave up on it. I sold or donated all the watches in my collection, keeping only one. At that time, when I had my Tudor Pelagos, I thought it would the one watch to rule them all, and it almost was, but I quickly found that it wasn’t. I was removing it when I was going to the gym, or when I was climbing, or when I was at the range, because I didn’t want any harm to come to it. And even though the Pelagos is built to get abused, something stopped me from doing it.

But, I was still holding on to the thought of a “one-watch man”. So, after playing with different options and watches, I found a good compromise: two watches.

The two watches mode gave me the choice of a one watch that would be on my wrist 75% of the time, and another one that I could wear for those active and abusive moments, where I really need to not worry about my watch.

So, what did I choose?

A Rolex Submariner Ref 114060 (no date), and a MKII Paradive Gen 3.

I chose the Sub because it’s a classic, time tested, and it can go everywhere, with a suit and tie, with a tshirt and jeans or with a bathing suit. And if I need to be rough on it, I can do it too.
I chose the Paradive as my second watch, the one I would wear on the gym, climbing, at the range and during field work, because it’s built right, it’s easy to read under any condition, it can take the abuse, and the beadblasted case just keeps the watch from being too noticed.

Here’s the Sub during a meeting.


Here’s the Paradive during an early workout that included several miles running, beach PT and weights.


So, one-watch guy I am not. But a two-watch solution works. As I mentioned on a previous post, I’m simplifying and minimizing all my stuff, and going down to two watches feels right.

I would love to still collect watches, and who knows, maybe in the future more might come, but right now this feels right. It’s the right combo for me.