Travel, minimalism and a way of life / by Modern Adversary

I just returned from a week-long business trip. Long days and lots of work. Stressful too, but stress came mostly from the flying part of the trip. As always, I packed light, bringing only one bag for both my stuff and the equipment needed for work.

When I arrived at the airport, I went to get my rental car, a car that served as my main form of transportation for a week. I got a clean, new car. Nothing in it but the keys and the registration.

After a week there, and while brewing some coffee at the hotel, I reflected on something that I have already written before, how traveling can teach you to remain light and nimble.
Here I was, for a week, I had a simple collection of clothing, some toiletries, a computer with a charger, and a car that had nothing in it. No junk. And it was liberating. It felt good. It felt free.

Imagine translating this to your every-day life. Yeah, it is doable. I’ve been pushing this for a while and I’m getting there. And yes, it feels good.

I’m tempted to set a new experiment… Set only a few items aside to wear each week. A few items aside to use each week. And then store the rest. See if I can do it through the summer, when less clothing is needed.

We will see…