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As I watch with anger and anguish the atrocities that the terrorist organization called Hamas committed two weeks ago in Israel, where they killed babies by shooting them, burning them alive, and cutting them into pieces, by torturing and kidnapping little kids in front of their parents, where they killed all members of a family by burning their houses down with them inside, where they raped little girls, teenagers, and women, and paraded them in the streets naked, where they took old holocaust survivors hostage, and where they killed thousands more just because they were jewish… I can’t help but to realize how doomed we are as a species.

I’m jewish. I’m an Israeli. I served in the IDF, active duty and the reserves. I have seen the brutality of these terrorists, what they do, what they believe in. And let me tell you something, there is nothing “freedom fighter” in it.

There is nothing lower in the scale of scum and sub-human shit than these assholes pretending to do this for a “cause”.

In fact, this shit called Hamas is probably the biggest obstacle to the Palestinians having their own state. No, it’s not Israel that has tried to give them a state multiple times. No. It’s Hamas.

The reason Gaza is in the current state of affairs is not Israel. It’s Hamas. Their monstrosity of policy and the blatant and complete disregard for human life has caused more pain and sorrow to the Palestinians than anything Israel has ever done. Worse, the cowards called Hamas do what all the cowards like them do, they hide behind civilians. They do this in the hope that Israel will not come after them, but it won’t work. Hamas is responsible for the well-being of the Palestinians they supposedly govern. Hamas is responsible for any harm coming to those civilians. Not Israel. Israel will do everything in its power to minimize innocent civilian casualties, but with Hamas building their HQ and offices in civilians buildings and with their installing and launching of rockers near or from schools, hospitals, or private homes, it’s going to be hard. Hamas put all those lives in danger. Not Israel. Hamas is killing both Israeli and Palestinian civilians. Not Israel.

If you don’t see this, then you are supporting the very terrorists that committed atrocities that you yourself would call inhumane. If you don’t see this then you are supporting the killing of babies, the rape of little girls, the burning of entire families, and the killing of innocent civilians that all they wanted was to live in peace.

It is obvious that the entire world through millennia hasn’t learned. It is obvious that human nature is brutal, inhumane, and violent.

It is obvious that the entire world doesn't give a fuck about the jews. It has always been the case. The only people that care about the jews are the jews. We care for each other. No one else is coming.

Now combine the last two points and you get the reason behind the existence of Israel. And because of the last two points Israel will not be defeated. We have everything to lose. We don’t have anywhere else to go. The entire world wants to destroy us. Now, like in the 1940s, and 1890s, the 1750s, and every century for the past 2000+ years.

If you don’t get what I’m saying, listen to this:

And learn your history before you open your mouth to utter some idiotic BS. Learn your history! Are the palestineans wrong about their history?.

Of course they are. Facts speak:

I don’t give a fuck about what you think anymore. I don’t care about your touchy political correctness bullshit that disguises your antisemitism. I don’t give a shit about whether you find this text aggressive, or whether your feelings got hurt if I called you a hater. I’m just merely stating the truth.

And one more thing: fuck you.

Ah, one more thing: Watch this video and think. Or maybe you are too dumb and you can’t think... Either way...

I stand, and I will always stand with Israel.

PS: anti-zionism IS anti-semitism. More...

The double standards... Yes, the double standards....

"It smacks of bigotry, too. We make mistakes, they commit crimes. We err, they murder. We should be forgiven, they should not. There’s an ironically neocolonialist bent to this fury with Israel, for it bigs up the West, despite its history of war crimes, as a suitable judge and jury of that uppity little state over there."


First this:

“There is no law of war that says you’re allowed to start a war, and then complain when you lose it.”
-Douglas Murray via this

Watch the useful idiots, they don't even know what river and what sea, let alone understand what "genocide" means...

Also, check a muslim woman that went to Israel and talked to Muslims, Christians, Druze, and Jews. Learn, actually learn about what's going on in Israel before repeating bullshit statements.

Some extra, 10 questions via this:

  1. If Israel wanted to commit genocide, why does it send in soldiers on foot and risk their lives instead of just flattening Gaza from the air?
  2. If Israel is an apartheid state, how are there anti Zionist Muslims in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament?
  3. If Israel is ethnically cleansing the Palestinians for 75 years, how has the Palestinian population grown by millions since 1948?
  4. If Israel occupied an Arab Palestinian state, when was this state established and what was its language and currency?
  5. If Israel made up October 7th, who took the GoPro footage of the murders and rapes and why are Hamas boasting about it if it never happened?
  6. If Israel is occupying Gaza; what was the Disengagement in 2005?
  7. If what we are seeing today around the world is anti Zionism and not antisemitism, why are Jewish content creators online who have never stepped foot in Israel being harassed and verbally abused? Why are synagogues being attacked?
  8. If Israel’s occupation is what caused Palestinian terror, why were Arabs massacring Jews before there was any occupation or even any state of Israel? See Hebron 1929.
  9. If the Palestinians want a two state solution, why can’t you find a single leader of theirs who will say that Israel has a right to exist?
  10. If Israel killed 30,000 innocent people in Gaza, if you believe those numbers, then how many terrorists has Israel killed?

Common sense, it seems, it's not so common. Also... Historical facts. Check them out.

According to the World of Statistics, Gaza population grew 1,034% from 1950 until now. 1,034%. That's apparently a genocide...

Let's see the Jewish population in arab countris from the same time until now:

And... How many Arabs lived in Israel in 1945? About 156,000.

And how many Arabs live in Israel today? 2,178,000.

So, the Jewish population in Arab countries has decreased by 99.83%, almost 100%, while the Arab population in Israel increased by 1296.15%s.

Yes. Genocide.

Now, let's talk about history, and educate the useful idiots, the assholes being paid to go demonstrate, and the blatantly anti-semites that populate the lower levels of our society. Let’s talk about Israel “being a colonizing state”, and that those who think otherwise are anti-truth, or ignorant.

So, the Romans invaded and took it from the Jews. The Western Roman Empire fell in 476 CE but the Byzantine Empire continued on relatively unchallenged until the 7th century CE and the rise of Islam in the region. In 634 CE, the Muslim armies from Arabia invaded Syria-Palaestina and renamed it Jund Filastin (“Military District of Palestine”).

Read that last praragraph again: invaded. Yes, the Muslims colonized the land.

Now for the time of the Ottoman Empire. From a non Jewish writer in the 1600's. Adriaan Reland's Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus illustrata, published in 1714.

This book is written in Latin. In 1695. Rilandy was describing what was then called Palestine. The author was a geographer, cartographer, traveler, philologist, he knew several European languages, Arabic, ancient Greek, Hebrew. He visited almost 2500 settlements mentioned in the Bible. He made a population census by settlements at that time.

Here are the main conclusions and some facts:

That's it. No "Palestinian traditions" or "Palestinian people". The Arabs were an import, a colonizing group in this land, who even stole the land's name (Palestine) given to it by the Romans at the time of Jesus to punish the Jews. But more of that below.

Let’s start with some basic facts. What year was Jesus born? Year 0. What religion was he born in? Jewish. So, The Jews were in Israel before Christians. Now, let’s discuss when Muhammad was born. 570 A.D. 570 years after Jesus. Islam was invented 40 years later in 610. How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in the Quran? ZERO (0). It wasn’t a holy city for Muslims until their prophet supposedly ascended from a rock. If you have studied the history of that area, you would also know that that mosque is built directly on top of the old Jewish Temple, the side of which that remains is known as the Western or Wailing Wall. Another piece of proof of the Jews existence there first. As a side note, the nation of Israel is mentioned 76 times in The Quran, as in "The people of the book", AKA the Jews.

The term Palestine came from actual colonialists - the Romans. When the Jews, who lived in Judea, hence the name Jews, were colonized by the Romans, they revolted. When the Romans defeated them, they renamed the place Philistina, named after the Philistines, who were ancient enemies of the Jews, who lived in the area around what is now Gaza at one point. Thus, the name Palestine.

There has never been a state called Palestine that was owned and controlled by Palestinian Arab Muslims, a term that was actually used for the first time in reference to the Arabic population there in the 1960s. There has never been an Arabic governed Palestine, a Palestinian currency or anything of the sort. On the other hand, there are troves of archeological discoveries of Jews there for thousands of years before Muhammad was ever born.

The modern state of Israel came from the division of a British owned and controlled mandate of Palestine. BRITISH owned and controlled. 78% of that territory became Jordan. 22% Israel for the Jews. Jordan by the way, is an invention of the British, it didn't exist before. Before the British, there was the Ottoman Empire. Before them the Mamluks. The only one group of people that has been constantly in that area and is indigenous are the Jews.

"Wow, really?" Yes, REALLY.

Arabs come from Arabia (now Saudi Arabia). The Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina are both located there. The Arab population has conquered and COLONIZED much of the Middle East, North Africa, and part of Europe. They conquered and killed the indigenous people in Egypt, the Christians in Syria, and anyone not converting to Islam, in many more countries.

But back to the whole colonial thing. In 1938, the British were sick of dealing with the Arab riots. So, the Peel Commission decided to partition the BRITISH mandate of Palestine into two states. One for the Arabs and one for the Jews. The Arabs rejected that. The fighting continued. In 1947 the UN created a partition plan to divide the area into a Jewish and Arab State. The Jews accepted it. They were given the parts that were swamp and desert, along with land that was bought from Arabs, bought, with money, in a fair trade, not stolen. The Jews said okay. On the date of modern Israel’s birth, multiple Arab/Muslim nations invaded. Israel was abandoned by the world, yet they fought and won. The Jews took no extra land. The Arabs that became “refugees” were done so by their own hand, or at the requests of their bosses in Syria, Iraq, Jordan (again, which didn’t exist until then and it’s a country created to appease the Soudi royalty), Saudi, and Egypt. So, they, the Arabs, could have opted to stay in their villages and towns, and continue to live their lives peacefully, but not. However, those that did stay, thrived. Even today.

In 1967, when the Arabs invaded again, the State of Israel took the Golan Heights, Gaza, the West Bank, and the Sinai Desert for security concerns. They offered them all back to make peace. Egypt took the Sinai back and made peace that has lasted since. However, they refused, refused!, to take Gaza back because they didn’t want the “terrorists” in their country. They have taken zero refugees from Gaza. Their border wall is covered in barbed wire. They have never let Gazans work there. Israel let 20,000 of them work in Israel every day. Most of them worked in the kibbutzim surrounding Gaza. That’s how they knew where everything was on October 7. They also let Gazans in for medical treatment, often driven by the people who lived in the kibbutzim they butchered the worst.

But, you call Israel colonizers. Again, every time Israel has been offered peace for land, they’ve accepted (see, e.g., Egypt and Jordan). With the strength of their military Israel could have conquered the entire Middle East back in the day. That’s never been the goal. Oh, and if you’re thinking a bunch of white Europeans just showed up in ‘48, as I’ve shown above, that’s a lie. 57% of the Israeli population isn’t white or of European descent. Some Jews have come to their indigenous and ancestral homeland over the years. But, we’ve always been there - before Islam and Christianity existed. As we saw above, most of the population in the 1600s and 1700s in Israel we Jewish.

Five significant times, and eight in total, the “Palestinians” have been offered a state of their own. Rejected every single time. Under Clinton, the closest it ever came, when Arafat was offered 98% of his ask, he ended up rejecting it. Do you know why? He said Hamas would have killed him in a week... Just saying...

Hamas’s leaders have been on TV saying they will never accept a two state solution. From the river to the sea is an ACTUAL call for genocide. To wipe out every Jew from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea - again, watch the useful idiots not even known which sea and which river... I won’t get into the absurdity of claiming genocide (the Muslim population in the ‘67 borders has grown 10X since 1948 while the hundreds of thousands of Jews in Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and the rest of the Middle East have been ethnically cleansed or expelled. Or your BS about Israel being an apartheid state... Arab Muslims have served on the Israeli Supreme Court, have one of the largest political parties in the Knesset, Israel’s congress, serve in the military and have equal rights in Israel. Jews, on the other hand, are forbidden from working or owning property almost anywhere in the Middle East, which are also vicious blood libels, but I don't have the patience to type out something this long on each of those topics.

Bottom line. The claim of colonialism is a bald faced lie that risks the lives of Jews everywhere in the world.

All these things I’ve written can be confirmed with a quick search. All you need to do is actually use your brain. Oh... wait... Yeah, no, right? That would mean that you would see the truth and hating the Jews would not be justified... Right? Yeah...

Again: FUCK YOU!

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